DVI TO VGA Monitor

I have a VGA monitor that I need to set up to my computer as my 4th monitor. What do I need to do / use to get it working. I bought a VGA cord and a dvi to vga adaptor but its not working.

Hi cjime,

Thanks for posting! Video output on a computer is generated by a video graphics device.

Monitors need to be connected to a video output port from the video graphics device. All computer systems have at least one video output port to which the main monitor can be connected. Some have an additional video output port to connect a secondary monitor. Most laptops also usually have a video output port in addition to the laptop screen to connect an external monitor.

To connect more monitors than the video output ports available, a USB graphics adapter can be used. The USB graphics adapter is connected to the computer via USB and to the monitor either via DVI or VGA. The following link contains the list of our products including the different models of USB Graphic Adapters -: Plugable Products

If you have one of our products and need information or help in setup please post back here or shoot us an email at support@plugable.com with the model and a description of trouble you are facing with it. We are here to help!