Duplicate only, no extend

I have a Lenovo yoga 2. When plug in external monitor, the duplicate mode works. But when I select extend, I cannot pull a program over to the external monitor. It shows the screen saver, but the mouse won’t work on that screen and the programs stop at the edge of the laptop. If I select duplicate, mouse works on external monitor and program is open (in both places).

Hi Maureen,

Thanks for posting here! It looks like Windows thinks that the positioning of the external display is different from how it is physically placed and that could explain why the mouse is not moving beyond the edge.

Here is a link to another post which also has a video showing common multiple monitor display probems : http://support.plugable.com/plugable/…

Take a look at the video and other links on the post and if it does not help resolve the issue, please shoot us an email at support@plugable.com with your amazon order ID and a link to this thread so that we can help troubleshoot further.