Driver release notes DisplayLink Windows Driver Version 8.1 M0

Hello Plugable,

I’m using the UD 5900 and currently on driver version 8.0.762.0.

I see that there is a newer version available.

Can you share the release notes?



Hi Tom,

Thanks for posting, and I would be happy to answer your question.

Our UD-5900 dock (as well as most of our USB docking stations) is based on technology by a separate company, DisplayLink. DisplayLink makes the core chip we integrate into the dock and does all of the driver development, and they provide release notes for their driver releases on their download page here ->… (you have to click on the ‘note’ icon above the date and version).

To save you a few clicks, the release notes for the 8.2 M1 version of the driver that we currently recommend (we just switched over from 8.1 M0 today) are here ->…

Hopefully that information helps!

Plugable Technologies