Driver install has bricked every USB

This morning I tried the 1st setup and it’s completely broken my PC.

Inserted adapter into a chassis 2.0 port then I downloaded your latest windows 10 64 driver from your website, installed and restarted PC.

I now don’t have a single working USB port on my PC as soon as operating system starts. All work fine in BIOS.

This leaves me with a massive problem as I’m unable to use mouse and keyboard to uninstall your driver so I can use my PC again.

PC was working perfectly until the restart.

Also makes no difference if dongle is removed from PC.


I7 7700k

Win 10 64

All drivers updated last week

Very sorry to hear of this issue – this is certainly not expected behavior with any of the drivers on our site. (Please note, in all cases, we use reference drivers from the chipset manufacturer.)

System restore would typically be the best approach here, if the USB ports are still working in the Windows pre-boot restore/repair environment.

Can you please email , and let us know which of our products you’re using?