don't know where to begin

there are no instructions on how to connect this docking station to my new laptop. don’t know what the CD is for - or what to run first. I have had docking stations for Dell - and don’t require anything like this… .just attach the computer and good to go… but not this… And I can’t figure out how to use what looks like it should be the powercord - but the prongs don’t appear to be able to plug into the wall. any instructions would be very helpful. Very frustrating… seems to assume that everyone knows how to do this…

Hi Denise,

Sorry for the frustration about our product. Could you let me know which docking station you have? Plugable has a several different types of docks.

I believe all of our docking stations will come with what you need to connect. Main USB cable should plugged into one of the USB ports of your PC or Dell dock. Other end should go to the back of the dock.

There should be also the quick start guide (small paper) in it,which indicates the web product page you could refer. If you go to the product page, you’d be able to see how to connect the peripherals.

The CD has device driver, but if Windows Update is active, you don’t need to use it: the necessary driver is automatically downloaded and applied by Windows Update when it’s plugged into the PC.

Please do directly contact us if you needed any further assistance at We’re here to help!

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