Does Plugable USBC-HDMI dongle work with 2017 12" MacBook? I can't get mine to work.

I have the new June 2017 MacBook Core m3 (aka MacBook10,1). The Plugable USBC-HDMI dongle does not work with it. I don’t know if it is just incompatible or if it is defective. I do note that the displays I tried seem to sense that something is plugged into them, but I can’t display anything, and the MacBook doesn’t see the displays.

I’ve tried this both with a DVI monitor and with an HDMI projector. It doesn’t work with either. I then tried my old MacBook Pro (with a third party Mini-DisplayPort to HDMI dongle) with these same displays and it works fine over HDMI with both. FWIW, a USBC-VGA dongle I have from a different company works fine with this new 2017 MacBook.

So… Does the Plugable USBC-HDMI dongle work with the new 2017 MacBook?

BTW, I’ve already emailed about this issue.

Hello, thanks for posting! We have already assisted directly via email and just updating this forum thread with additional information.

We have recently received feedback from customers with the 2017 MacBook Pro systems and, unfortunately, our USBC-HDMI adapter has not tested successfully with customers who have tried and the 2017 iMac that we received for internal testing. Just today we began disclaiming compatibility for the 2017 Mac line until we discover a solution from working with our engineers.

However, we have had successful results with our USBC-HDMI-CABLE ( and the new Mac systems.

We will be updating product pages and compatibility charts as new compatibility information is found.

Thank you,

David W.
Plugable Technologies