Does BLE work on XP?

Hi all!

I just received my Plugable BT4 dongle and was hoping to use it with Windows XP to interface the Texas Instruments SensorTag.

I installed the XP driver from the CD and then downloaded and installed the Broadcomm XP driver, i.e. WDCOMM.

…but my PC cannot find the TI SensorTag BLE device.

Does my setup described above support BLE, a.k.a Bluetooth Low Energy?



I’m exactly in the same situation.
I need to know if that’s possible for start working on a project.
Could help us, please?



Unfortunately, BTLE will not work on XP. None of the stacks support it.

The only native support for BTLE is in Windows 8 and some versions of OSX. There is BTLE support being considered by Broadcom for Windows 7, but that is currently developer only.


Sam Morgan
Technical Support Analyst
Plugable Technologies