Dock wont do anything

I just got a UD-3900. I plugged it into power. I installed Display link drivers on my laptop (HP EliteBook 840 G5). I rebooted.
When I plug the ud 3900 into any of my 2 USB ports… nothing. No alert that a device was plugged into Windows. Mouse doesnt work. External monitor doesnt wake up.

All these devices work fine when plugged in directly to my laptop.

While powered the ud 3900 has a blue led that flashes intermittently.

What am I doing wrong?

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The blue light on the docking is the power indicator, so if it is blinking that likely indicates a problem with the dock. I’d like to follow up with you to get more details about this so I will send an email to you directly and then update this thread when we know more.



Just to follow up on this issue, we did send a replacement docking station to this customer and hope that this has fixed the issue. However if that didn’t fix the issue please do let us know so we can assist.