dock wakes but does not always recognize usb mouse

I have the USB 3.0 docking station. Some times when waking up the computer from sleep mode, the Microsoft USB mouse will not respond.

Hi Al,

Thanks for posting! We’ll be happy to help. It sounds like other than the mouse not waking from sleep, the other functions of the dock are working well, is that right?

The Plugable USB 3.0 Universal Laptop docking Station has a VIA USB 3.0 hub inside, and then the other functions off of that. So it’s much like connecting through a standard powered hub.

When you get in the problem situation, how do you wake the machine (through the mouse or other)? And what does it take to get the mouse working again?

And does it make a difference if you connect the mouse to the USB 3.0 ports (on the front of the dock), or the USB 2.0 ports (on the back of the dock)?

This sounds like an issue of the sort that’s often solved with an update USB 3.0 host controller drivers on the system.

That may be something the system makers’ support page can help with. If you’d like our help with that, we can see what USB hardware and drivers you have if you can send DisplayLink’s support logs. Here’s how:…

Email the .zip it generates and a link to this thread to


Bernie, Windows found updated drivers for my Plugable unit, so I started there. The issue was intermitent, and I really didn’t notice if other hardware was also affected. (I have a printer and a harddrive connected also.) The computer is mostly used for games and internet.

The PC is awakened with the touch pad.

I can get the mouse working by simply unplugging its USB receiver and plugging it back into the dock again. I have only been using the rear USB 2.0 jacks.

I’ll wait and see if the driver upgrades did any good before proceeding further.

Thanks for the quick response.


Hi Al,

If it’s a 2.4 Ghz band wireless receiver, it may simply be USB 3.0’s RF interference issues. See this Intel paper for detail:…

If the issue is frustrating enough that you’ll spend some time on it, a good way to test that is to try a passive USB 2.0 extension cable like this one ( ) to get some distance between your 2.4 Ghz wireless dongle and any USB 3.0 devices or cabling.

Let us know if you go ahead and do that - we’d like to know if it helps.

Thanks again!

Well, for the past week everything has been working great. It appears that the driver upgrade worked. I have connected a monitor, speakers, HDD, mouse and keyboard, and printer. I have moved stuff, disconnected and moved some more.

At this point, GREAT DOCK!

Thanks for the help and suggestions.


Thanks Al!