Do you have any products that support thunderbolt TWO ports?

Dear Tech Support,

I been looking purchasing couple of computers with Thunderbolt TWO ports which have speeds of 20Gbps bidirectional connection.

I want to run multiparty connection with several 4k monitors. I would like to get at least 60FPS/60htz so their is no noticeable flickering of the frames.

Do you have any product that support thunderbolt 2 ports?

Note: I use the multi monitor set up to trade stocks and Forex.

Hi Mike,

We don’t have any products that support Thunderbolt 2 currently.

I would expect that (assuming the PCs, monitors, and OS support it) that you could achieve 4K@60Hz using DisplayPort 1.2 cables for one of the displays, though ultimately running 4K@60Hz on multiple displays via Thunderbolt with currently available hardware is going to prove challenging.

Thanks for your interest in Plugable products!