Displaylink is not seeing the secondary monitor (my TV).

Displaylink is not seeing the secondary monitor (my TV). And, the TV reports that HDMI2 (where displaylink is connected) is receiving no data(no signal).

Can you please pass along the make and model of the TV?

Ooh . . . don’t have the exact model readily available. But, it’s a high-end LG 64" ultra hd with three HDMI inputs . I think it’s a LG60UFxxxx model – 2014 or 2015 LED flat screen model.

Which of the ports on the back of the TV have the label “PC”?

There is no port labeled PC it’s HDMI1,2 and 3. The display link product I’m using is http://www.displaylink.com/img/xprodu…

I recently moved my residence and acquired this newer TV. The product worked with the previous TV. But now, the PC doesn’t seem to see the TV. I’ve configured the TV to expect a PC at HDMI2 (where I have Displylink plugged in) and to expect to receive a shared screen (vs streamed content).

The Displaylink manager shows up on the PC in the QuickLaunch Icons, but device manager does not see a second monitor.

I am very sorry, but this display adapter is not a Plugable product. You need to contact the manufacturer of this product for help. I apologize for the inconvenience.