DisplayLink adapter not showing up

I am using the UD-3900 dock, and have DisplayLink Version 7.7M4 installed. The adapter doesn’t shoe up in my list og display adapters, and there’s no icon in the task bar. Not sure if there’s a problem, or if this is because I currently don’t have my display connected via HDMI to the dock (because of color issues). Please advise. Thanks.


Hi Karen,

The UD-3900 will not show up in the regular “Display Adapters” category. Instead, it will show up in a category of its own in Device Manager -> USB Display Adapters.

It is normal for there to be no icon in the taskbar if there are no displays attached to the docking station directly.

Regarding the strange color issue, we sent an email regarding a beta driver that might improve behavior, but have not received a response about whether or not that helped.

If the email didn’t make it through, please email support@plugable.com and let us know so we can resend. (Also, certainly worth checking your spam folder in case it ended up there.)