display not appearing on USB 3.0 docking station


My end goal is to be able to use my laptop with its lid closed to drive two monitors. But first, I just need to be able to mirror or extend the display to a monitor connected to the docking station but I am thus far not able to do so. Here’s how I’ve tried:

  1. docking station is connected to laptop and functioning as expected - I know this becuase I have an iphone connected to the docking station and I’m able to see it in Windows Explorer.

  2. I have a monitor I know to be working connected to the docking station. I am connecting using a VGA cable and the plugable-included DVI adapter. I know the cable works also

So there we are. I have the monitor connected correctly but whatever I do, I cannot get even a mirror display to show up. Can you help?


Hi Robert,

Thanks for posting your question here, we’ll be happy to help. The first thing to verify is that the drivers are loaded. You can download the latest here:


Once you’ve downloaded and installed the drivers if your secondary monitor still isn’t functional, run the DisplayLink Support Tool and forward the log files to us at support@plugable.com. Here’s how to do that:


When you email please include your Amazon Order Id, a link to this thread and some details about your system like the make and model of your computer and the operating system along with the log files.