Display Link software/driver issue. Extended displays freeze requiring USB cable to be unplugged then plugged in again.

Using HP laptop w/ Core i7 and Intel graphics card, Windows 10, extended display across two standard ASUS monitors using HDMI and DVI. When using MS Office 2013 and/or Firefox, display stops responding on either of the two monitors and as mouse/cursor is dragged across screen, large chunks of pixels disappear, revealing whatever was behind it. This is a DisplayLink issue as I have duplicated this problem across two USB 3.0 docking stations. Problem is there with both of the two most recent builds of the Display Link software/drivers. Only way to resolve problem is to unplug the main USB link to dock then plug back in.

I’m having the same problem (All my device drivers are up to date). Have you tried updating your DisplayLink firmware? A quick google search will land you on that page - I don’t have the link but I’m thinking of going that route. If that doesn’t work, I will return the product.

Hi Mat,

KC had also contacted us directly for assistance and we worked with him directly, and that I did not update this thread to reflect that is my error.

Each case can be a little different, so the best way to proceed in your case is just after the behavior has occurred run our diagnostic utility PlugDebug -> http://plugable.com/support/plugdebug and then send the file it creates to support@plugable.com with ‘{REDACTED}’ in the subject line so we can match everything up. Please also include your Amazon Order ID in the email (don’t post that or the PlugDebug file here).

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Plugable Technologies


I am having similar issues. I have been trying to get it sorted with DisplayLink as I have the issue with two adapters. One Plugable one Belkin, though the issue is mostly on the Plugable.

By following the DisplayLink support note http://support.displaylink.com/knowle…

I have managed to get the problem to go from one of the monitors on the Plugable device to all four monitors on my system freezing or blacking out. The only recovery I have found so far is to power off and on the laptop (causing god knows what damage to my system).

I am in the process of reversing my steps to see if I can get back to my original problem, where only the monitors on the Plugable froze.

In the meantime I thought I’d give you something else to chew on.

Hi Mark,

Thanks for adding to the discussion. Every setup is different, so once you have everything back to the original state, if the Plugable adapter is still not working as expected, please reach out to us directly at support@plugable.com and please include a PlugDebug file (http://plugable.com/support/plugdebug/) from your system just after the behavior has occurred and we will be happy to help.