Display Adapter Not Recognized by AMD Radeon HD 6750M on Apple MBP

I just bought a new Apple MBP; it’s the maxed out 15" version. My UGA-2K-A Plugable Display Adapter is not recognized, and it worked fine on my previous 2 MBP’s. I still have one of them in the same room, and I just checked it, and it works fine. Is there something about the AMD Radeon HD 6750M card that causes problems?

Hi Sam,

Thanks for posting, and very sorry you’re hitting a problem here with this new MBP 15". The high-end MBP’s have switching ATI/Intel graphics that has been problematic in the past, but things have gotten better with recent OS and driver updates (from Apple and DisplayLink). We’ll try to help figure out what’s happening here.

A couple of things to check:

  1. If the UGA-2K-A is not recognized at all (on that particular machine), we should also exclude the simple stuff: I’m sure you’ve double-checked all connections (including trying another USB device on that port) and also gotten the latest Mac driver from http://displaylink.com/ (currently 1.7 beta 1) and seen if it installs without any errors … can you confirm those double-checks are fine?

If things aren’t fine, can you say of during any of this, the adapter comes up (and LED lights) at any time at all, or is it always dark? And any other clues (errors, etc?)

  1. If it’s not the easy stuff, we may be into Intel/ATI switching graphics issues, perhaps something that Apple has slipstreamed in, since this is a just-purchased MBP.

There is a useful Mac utility called gfxCardStatus (http://osx.iusethis.com/app/gfxcardst…) that both allows you to see which GPU is running (ATI/Intel) on the Mac, and to switch between them.

Could you run this utility and see if setting the system to use the Intel GPU exclusively (or the ATI GPU exclusively) causes the DisplayLink driver to begin to work?

Thanks for the info above … this will help us figure out next steps.

And thanks for your patience while we work to figure out what might be different on this new MBP 15"!

Hi Sam,

Quick update: DisplayLink has replaced beta 1 with beta 2 of the 1.7 drivers in the last few days. Not all web pages are up to date with the change yet.

You can grab beta 2 at http://displaylink.org/forum/showthre…