Display adapter 2.0 for use with large screen TV

i have a windows 7 8G ram, 6 core AMD Phenom @2.7G, and integrated nothing special radeon 3000 graphics 1 vga only.

So, here is the thing.

I want to connect a large screen TV 40"-50".
I need text to be super sharp, even close up. (for stock trading) Will be looking at this thing all day.

What should I get from Pluggable, and which TV should I buy?

A 2k 1080p at 60hz because thats all pluggables support resolution wise? or…

A 4k just because they are getting cheap and it is just better?

Is it just the USB 2.0 Display adapter i should buy? …or is there something else made just for my application?

(Also, can I still use original screen setup? I ask because if in the middle of a trade, and this thing conks out on me i will be in a very bad way…)


This is a bizarre use case. You are doing, plan to do, stock trading with a museum piece desktop computer and a brand new expensive 4K 50" TV?

On one hand, I’d suggest buying an AMD RX 550 (DP 1.4, HDMI 2.0, and cheap). On the other hand, your last statement suggests you need whole-system reliability backed with a warranty and tech support - buy an HP slice or Zotac C-series something and call it a day.