Different login for different devices


Is there any way for the box to distinguish among the different UD-160-M devices in order to auto-login on only one of the devices?

I’m interested in getting 2-3 UD-160-M devices for a Fedora 18 box to get 3-4 seats. One of the devices would go over USB to an adjacent room (within 10 m) to provide a seat at the TV.

For this particular seat, I would like to auto-login under a specific user name so that my MythTV front-end will automatically launch. I still want the other seats and the console user to be greeted by the usual GDM login screen. Please advise.


Hi Jawaad,

Thanks for asking! Unfortunately, I don’t think there’s an easy way to do that.

Every UD-160 has a unique serial number on its graphics device, and you could key off that to create a special udev rule for that one device.

But the systemd mechanism for multiseat doesn’t have a way to pass along a differemt auto login setting for each seat - there’s only the global setting.

It may be possible with enough programming skill, but realistically, per seat auto-login is not a current feature of f18.

Sorry for the bad news, but hope that helps set expectations properly.

Thanks again for asking!