Different Administrator Name impact to file transfer

Getting ready to use Transfer Cable to move data from old machine to new machine. The administrator names for the two machines are different. Will this cause an issue in transferring profile info, ie. will the new machine with administrator A recognize anything transferred from administrator B?

Hi Bob,

Good question - thanks for posting!

The Bravura software used to copy the data doesn’t require that the account names match.

Essentially you can transfer to/from any account on either system - whichever account your are logged into on the old system will be the “source” account that has its contents transferred, and whichever account you’re logged into on the new system will be the destination for the data being transferred.

For transferring additional User Accounts, you’ll want to log into the other user accounts on the source machine, and run the transfer again. If there’s multiple user accounts on the new/destination system, you’ll want to be logged into the account you’d like the information transferred to as well. Once you’ve logged into the desired source and destination accounts, you’ll launch the transfer software again on each system.

One thing to note - the Bravura software doesn’t create a shortcut/start-menu entry in each account, only the account from which it was installed. (It’s a quirk I’ve requested they fix in the next version.) So you can either reinstall the application in the other accounts which will create shortcuts, or you can manually launch the application in the other accounts by browsing to C:\Program Files (x86, if on a 64 bit OS)\Bravura\Easy Computer Sync