Device keeps disconnecting.

I bought a new Plugable USB 3.0 SuperSpeed SATA III Lay-Flat Hard Drive Docking Station from Amazon.
I opened it last night and was excited to finally try the USB 3.0 speeds for myself but unfortunately, my wait has been prolonged.

It seems that whenever this device is plugged into my clearly marked USB 3.0 slots, it will unexpectedly disconnect. It works fine in the USB 2.0 slot but is obviously bottle-necked at USB 2.0 speeds.

Is there something I’m doing wrong? Any help would be appreciated.…

Hi Nickolas,

Thanks for contacting Plugable! I’ll be glad to assist.

We’ve got a troubleshooting/log-gathering tool that will be a good first step. It will gather driver version information and some error logs into a .zip file that get’s saved to your desktop.

At your convenience, please download and run the program with the dock and drive attached via USB 3.0 to your system:

Once the .zip file has been created, please email it to with “Ticket 73727” in the subject line and we’ll have a look and see what the best next steps will be.