Design the outer box to secure to desk

Add some angle brackets to the outer edge of the hub,

̳ ̳ ̳‡‡‡‡‡‡‡‡‡‡‡‡‡ ̳ ̳ ̳

to allow screw holes or another way to secure the hub to the desk

Hi David,

Thanks so much for this great suggestion! We’ve been looking at some more “industrial” case designs that are metal and are designed to be mounted. This would be a new product (as it’s at a different price point), but it definitely is a nice feature.

Also, as an interim solution with current products – we find a lot of customers using velcro patches. The good ones are quite strong, and it’s a nice cheap solution.

Again, thanks so much for the suggestion - it’s great to hear what features people want more or less focus on!


Bernie, check out this product on Amazon…

it has an easy approach to screw mounting with two metal ears that can be positioned for a surface mount.

Hi Wupdike - Thanks - that’s an interesting potential modification to the case design – having two recessed areas on the bottom with screw holes; and including 2 metal flanges and 4 screws. The trouble will be the PCB inside at the location of the screw holes. We would love to provide a mounting solution (that’s fancier than velcro) – we’ll keep an eye on opportunities. Thanks again!

I just purchased a 10 port hub and set it up to replace one that mounted to my computer desk. All I had to do was use some package sealing tape on either end to keep it in place. The additional ports and the configuration are far superior to the powered 7 port hub that had to be replaced. I’m hoping this one will provide equal and consistent power to all of the ports.


For those thinking of using Velcro patches, I think something the size of EZ-Pass velcro would be about right. So if you’ve ever had occasion to request extra Velcro from EZ-Pass, the spares might be just the right size. :wink:


Pluggable, this idea presented would only really require you enlarge the current lineup you have so there is space for a mounting hole. Not that much larger but probably best done on next gen casings. Or you can always sell a bracket that would go over the hub itself and screw to a desk that way people can secure it.

The box could be designed to be attached to the back of the LCD monitor.

with the rise of windows tablets and mobile users, I would love to see (and buy) a VESA mounted usb 3 dock that can be added to any existing monitor.
build the power supply (modular? with surge suppression) into the box so standard 5-15 to C13 cable can be used.
build in 2 power plugs.
#1 attaches to the monitor and includes a 1’ stub 5-15 to C13 cable.
#2 is to plug in the tablet power adapter (include velcro or strap solution for mounting)
the rest of the dock features remain the same as the UD-3000/3900. include 1’ stub cable for local video. keyboard/mouse can plug in via usb hub or via BT dongles for true wireless.

this idea means that only a wall power cable, the tablet power end, and the usb3 cable are visible in order to achieve a “pretty” docking solution.

the next generation will be an all in one monitor/keboard/mouse/dock for travel. it should be the size of a 15.6" laptop to fit in existing laptop bags. this will allow for tablet convenience at meetings/classes and full laptop features on the road or hotel. (also build in a qi wireless charging pad option for phones)

good idea! I cut the two ez-pass velcro strips in two. Asking for extras is better :slight_smile:

That, or just some double stick tape. Still, many consumer grade products have screw head slots for mounting.

Is it possible to integrate screw hanging slots into the bottom of the hubs? Many items meant for wall hanging have slots like this. There are many examples in the photo section here:…

Another option that I find works better than velcro for hanging things (while still being removable) is 3M Dual Lock. The EZ-Pass strips I have seen are made of the same material (i.e. not hook and loop velcro).……

I’m using a standard sized clipboard to provide a reliably sturdy mounting solution for my coin and stamp single shots. Works great for me. The table that is included is just too small for stability and needs rethinking.

For top level magnification, use a flat spacer (small boxes work fine) to bring the item up to the scope instead of bending the neck down to reach table level.

For the price, this is a nice tool. The higher resolutions produce pretty nice results. After taking a single shot, I bypass the included software and just “open with” to import the pic directly into my favorite image massaging software. thanks!