Dell XPS 13 - Pluggable 2 HDMI Help

If there’s anyone that can please help me…would be greatly appreciated, about to return this thing (bought one day ago) and buy a Lenovo Thinkpad…
I am trying to connect 2 external monitors: (…)
Via a lightning display to 2 HDMI (…)
The display is flickering when I connect, it sometimes works, 90% of the time doesnt. Updated all the firmware and at my wits end…any suggestions before I return?

Hi John, thanks for posting! Sorry to hear of this behavior with our adapter and I will be happy to help!

Thank you for letting us know that you have checked all firmware updates to make sure that the software that is required should be in a good state. We have outlined some issues that have been observed here with our Thunderbolt 3 adapters and some Dell systems that have a Thunderbolt 3 port here –>….

In short, this article speaks to making sure the necessary drivers and firmware are up to date as well as some other workarounds that have mitigated some of the strange behaviors on some systems. In this article we mention that some disconnection issues can be corrected by lowering the Power Output of the internal WiFi adapter within the laptop as there could be wireless interference occurring between the WiFi adapter and the Thunderbolt 3 controller.

Would you be able to walk through the steps to lower this setting here –>… whenever you have a moment and let us know if the behavior changes? If not, would you be able to temporarily set your system to Airplane mode to see if the behavior changes?

Let us know the results whenever you have a moment and we will go from there.

Thank you,

David W.
Plugable Technologies