DELL and USB 4.0 LE won't synch

my dell latitude e7240 wont connect to my bose soundsport. I keep hitting the connect button in devices and printers but it won’t work. using the usb bluetooth 4.0 LE i just bought

This is a note regarding the overall issues experienced here.

In this case the following issues were present:

• System is joined to a Windows Active Directory Domain. Systems in this configuration will have Group Policy permissions by default that prevent the adapter’s driver software from installing normally.

• System is using McAfee antivirus/security software. This is known to cause conflicts with the driver software preventing it from installing correctly unless it is disabled/uninstalled.

• System is running Windows 7 which has known issues with newer Bose audio products, as well as other audio devices that feature Bluetooth 4.0 (Low Energy), as discussed at —…

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