Dell 3700 WFP monitor - which plugable product?

I have a Dell Latitude E6400 with a nVidia Quadro NVS 160 graphics card (standard with E6400 - ). I was just given a Dell 3700WFP monitor, which has a DVI and USB inputs. Which plugable product should I use?

Nice monitor!

The Dell 3700WFP’s native resolution is 2560x1600. So the first important thing to note is no USB 2.0 graphics solution will get up to that mode (USB 3.0 generation products arriving later this year will).

So your best match is our UGA-2K-A which has DisplayLink’s high-end 195 chip, which supports modes up to 2048x1152. Note that on a higher-res monitor like this, it will try to find the best mode that keeps a similar aspect ratio, so it might not be 2048x1152 exactly, but it’s capable up to that res with its supported single-link DVI connection, and it will try to find the best match.

The monitor also has a USB hub, so you also have the option of connecting the UGA-2K-A to the monitor’s USB hub, then to the DVI connection - and that will all work fine.

Hope that helps. Thanks for posting!

Awesome - thanks!!