could I use this with an all in one computer with cracked screen?

I just happened to find this product on youtube & I have a question. I have a Dell Inspiron One 19 (all in one computer) with a cracked screen. My computer does not have a way of connecting an additional monitor unless it is connected through a USB port. There is no connection for VGA, DVI or HDMI input. If I have the screen replaced it will cost at least $200 if not more.

I know I would have to download drivers (to use this product) but I’m wondering if that’s a difficult process. Due to the cracked screen, it is impossible to see anything & I’m wondering if I could save the software to a disc so that is more of an automatic process.

This would be a much better option…assuming I could get it to work!

I would greatly appreciate any advice.


this computer has windows 7, I forgot to say that before…

Hi Subana,

I’d be happy to answer your question regarding our products.

It is possible that you may be able to install the drivers without the screen, however, it will be difficult. The bigger issue is that if anything goes wrong with the driver installation or there is some software conflict, providing support may be very difficult if you can not access programs freely on your computer as the screen is damaged.

If anything, I would advise against attempting to install drivers without the screen, as there will not be much troubleshooting or aid we can provide as our log gathering tool would be difficult to operate without being able to see the screen.


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