Convert UK Disbelievers to multiple screens off a laptop

Hi I am in London UK. Do you have an outlet here. I just went to Maplin and all of the sales people there told me it was impossible to run three monitors let alone 7. Maplin are likely the largest in the country. It would be great to resolve this and from your point of view to have disbelievers converted.

Hi Mark,

Thanks for contacting us!

Here is a video from the Plugable Youtube channel that shows four monitors on a Surface Pro that you can share with any ‘disbelievers’:…

Plugable uses DisplayLink technology to convert USB ports into display ports. This technology uses your computer’s system resources like CPU and RAM.

Most laptops’ resources can support one or two additional 1080p monitors before their resources are strained. However it is true that some older laptops may not have the resources to add even a single 1080p monitor.

As long as your device passes the compatibility test, you should be able to add at least one or two 1080p monitors. Additional monitors depend on your use case, resolution, and performance requirements. We typically suggest no more than six monitors total on a single computer over USB 3.0.

For future reference, you can confirm if any Windows computer meets minimum specs for DisplayLink technology via this compatibility checker tool:…

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