Continued bus disconnections on USB3-SATA Docking station even after firmware upgrade

I applied the firmware fix at for the USB3-SATA docking station… and it seemed to improve the situation at the time.

However, now I have started a big copy job with a fresh drive and the disconnect problems have returned. They seem slightly milder than before and since I am using RoboCopy it can eventually reconnect to the drive and continue, but so far it has dropped off the bus 3 times during the course of just copying 80G so far. I’m using the Renesas USB 3 controller I mention in the comment thread for the firmware update. The drives are all 2TB WD Green drives, WD20EARS.

Thanks for posting! Sorry you’re seeing disconnects - it’s certainly frustrating when it happens.

The firmware update increases resiliency of the dock to USB 3.0 bus errors, but if there are enough errors, it can’t overcome them.

We send a email to your other contact, suggesting a few things: 1) direct connection between SATA dock and USB 3.0 port (no hubs) 2) straighten cable out (so loops in the cable don’t create EMI) … also try if possible to move away from other cables, to just exclude the possibility of interference there. 3) As usual, check all connections to make sure they’re tight.

We’ll keep working with you on the support thread, and post back here with any conclusions for the benefit of others.


Thanks for your reply, Bernie - yes, there is a direct connection from the dock to the hub, and the cable is pretty straight and is tightly connected. Since the 3 disconnects I had earlier I have not had a further one, but I will keep you posted if it happens again. Is there any possibility of a firmware update to increase the resilience to bus errors still further?


Hi Antranig,

Thanks for the update! There has been just one small update from LucidPort (see…), however it’s not likely this would affect what you’re seeing. Let us know if the disconnects get more severe - we’ll try to run down the source of the errors.

Thank you!