Connection intermittent or does not connect

Easy Computer Sync 2.2 has some very annoying problems that make it very difficult to use.

  1. After you complete a file transfer, the only option is “Exit”. The program then exits
    completely and you have to restart it. Then when you restart it, it does not connect to the other computer but sits there “Waiting for connection” forever, even though the connection cable was never disconnected or changed. So far, the only way I can reconnect the two computers is to restart them both (which doesn’t always work), which is a time consuming and annoying process.
  2. When you use “Sync Files” the only choices you have are limited. You cannot select drives or files, only the users folders such as “Documents”, “Music”, Pictures", etc.

I am unhappy with this product and will not give good reviews about it unless there is a new version that fixes these

problems. Thanks, hollidayp1 150729 2018p