Configuration issue


I have a set up with a HP TouchSmart 310 with a Windows 7 Home premium x64 all in one PC and a 24 inch Dell 2408WFPb monitor working at 1920*1200 using a USB 2.0 UGA-2K-A.

I need to use the external (Dell) monitor as the main one and extend the desktop to the right. The thing is I cant figure out how to set in which direction the desktop is extended in Windows 7. Previously I tested in a XP box and the menu showed options to do this, but can ́t find then in W7.

I also also have a question.

Is there any performance difference between using a DVI cable and a VGA?

Thanks in advance.

Hi Rodo!

Thanks for posting and for your question! We’ll get you up and running!

First you’ll want to go into the ‘Screen Resolution’ screen. The easiest way to do that is right click on the Desktop (anywhere on the desktop), right click and click on ‘Properties’.

Once there, click on the 2nd monitor.
You should be seeing something like this:

  1. Tick ‘Make this my main display’
  2. Click ‘Apply’
    Immediately the monitor will change to primary.

Then if you want to change the direction it’s extended to, do the following:
Click on either of the two monitors and drag it on the side you want it to be, just like on the next screenshot:
Once you release the monitor and click ‘Apply’ the positioning will change:

Regarding the question about a performance difference, there is absolutely no performance difference between VGA and DVI. The real difference is, that DVI makes monitors easier to setup, in the sense they need no screen adjustment.

Hope this helps!

Please let us know if this works for you!


Thanks for your reply it helped a lot!!

Glad to be of assistance!

Have a great day!