Computer doesn't see the drive


I plugged in my U3 plugable to my Windows 7 laptop and while it shows up in my device manager, it does not show up in the “Computer” section (where is shows mass storage devices, and drives). I lost my directions, where it talks about “partitioning the drive” (I can’t remember exactly what it is…I could be wrong calling it that LOL), but do I need to do that for it to work? Or is it plug and play? I need to get my files off my old hard drive.


Hi Jamie,

Thank you for posting your question about the U3.

Typically, as you mentioned, when the U3 shows up in Device Manager, but the drive does not show up in the Computer section, the drive has not been partitioned or formatted.

It is also possible that the drive itself is bad.

However, if it is an old drive, partitioning or formatting will cause you to lose your data, so we don’t want to go there until we have eliminated any other possibilities.

Could you tell where the hard disk came from that you are trying to access? What type of computer, how it was used, etc.

Also, we have a troubleshooting tool that helps us find out what is going on in situations like this. Could you plug the drive into the U3, plug the U3 into your computer, then go to this page and follow the instructions there:

Please send the resulting file to us at instead of posting it here, and please put “For Ticket 37482” in the subject line, so it gets associated with this issue.

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Hi Jamie,

I’m just checking back to see if you were able to solve this issue, or if you still need help.

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