Computer doesn't recognize Plugable

I recently moved and am now setting up the pluggable I have been using for 2 years. This time, no matter which drives I plug cables into…my computer is not recognizing the plugable. Even when I plug in my keyboard…it doesnt work. I have downloaded the updates and the cleaner (and ran the cleaner as per directions). Still nothing. I have watched several youtube videos and the video on your sight as well.
Getting a bit frustrated…please help.


Welcome to the Plugable forums! I can certainly investigate this issue with your Plugable product. I do need some more information to further assist here.

Can you share the model name of your Plugable device? In most cases it should be labeled on a sticker on the product itself and your invoice/receipt should also have the model name of the product.

Once I have this information I can further advice. I hope to hear from you soon!


Product Owner
Plugable Support

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