compatable with powerbeats


Is this device compatable with Powerbeats Wireless? if so how do you connect them?


Hi Adam,

Thank you for contacting us about the Bluetooth adapter. It should be compatible with Powerbeats Wireless. I can give specific instructions for connecting if you could tell me your Windows version and which exact model of Powerbeats you have.

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Having an issue with my Beats pairing, as well. I have The Beats solo 2. The driver is installed on my Windows 7 laptop. My bluetooth adapter seems to be working correctly and my Beats are added, but when I go to connect them I get an error message that says, “Error Establishing Connection”.

Are you able to help with this?



Hi Austin,

Thank you for your message.

Here are step-by-step instructions for connecting the headphones. If it doesn’t work anywhere along the way, could you please tell me what step it failed at, and I will investigate what happened to cause that.

  1. Turn off Bluetooth on any devices in the area that you have previously connected the headphones to and “Unpair” or “Forget” the connection in each device’s Bluetooth settings. This is important to make sure it doesn’t automatically connect to one of them instead of to the computer.

  2. On the computer, click the Start button, then select Devices and Printers.

  3. In the Devices and Printers window, if you see an entry for Beats Solo Wireless, right-click it and select Remove Device, then select Yes in the next window.

  4. Press and hold the “b” button on the headphones for at least 2 seconds—the Bluetooth LED light will pulse white, indicating the headphones are in pairing mode.

  5. In the Devices and Printers window, select Add a device.

  6. An icon for your headphones should show up as Beats Solo Wireless in the Add a Device window. Click it, then select Next.

  7. The headphones should connect. Try playing music through them. If it doesn’t work, continue with step 8.

  8. Right click the speaker icon on in the system tray at lower right.

  9. Select Playback devices. The headphone should be on the list under Headphones/Speaker and possibly Headset. Select it under Headphones and click Set as Default device.

Please let me know how this goes.

Thank you,

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I will close this thread. Please contact us directly at if there are any additional questions. Thanks!