Communicator U3 invisible with USB3.0 but works fine with USB2.0

Works with USB2.0 but my computer doesn’t see the drive at all when connected via USB3.0? Win7 64

Hi Dave-

Thanks for posting with your issue and working ahead to identify the issue is usb3 specific! Sorry to hear about the troubles with your U3.

When you’re able to connect with USB2 but not USB3, we’ve found 3 possible causes:

  1. The USB3 cable is faulty
  2. The dock itself is faulty
  3. PC’s USB3 Host Controller Interface driver or firmware is outdated

If you’ve got another USB3 cable to substitute, this can help us quickly isolate whether the cable or dock itself is at issue.

Although it was designed for another process, the DisplayLink Support Tool will gather some helpful system information such as the USB 3 HCI model and driver version. With these details I can help you check for relevant updates there. Here’s a link with instructions on use and download:

Please reply with the output from the support tool to, attention Jeff, and if you could please include a link to this thread that’s very helpful.

Once we check for updated drivers and, if possible, try a different USB3 cable, it should be no problem to get you up and running at “SuperSpeed.”

Best wishes-

Jeff Everett
MCITP Enterprise Support Tech
Plugable Technologies

Hi Jeff,
Where might I find the displaylink support tool. looked on your site briefly, but it didn’t pop out.

DOH! Sorry, forgot to paste in that link:…



Hi Dave-

Thanks for providing those additional system details!

I didn’t see a USB3 host controller driver installed. I have a very similar main board from Gigabyte in my main/gaming PC, so I’m pretty familiar with the hardware this system is built on. Here’s your USB3 driver:…

I fairly confident installing that will get your running on USB3. I suspect that you may not have had any USB3 devices working yet, or if they have been working they were working at USB2.0 speeds.

Please let me know if I’m missing something, I’m just going off what I saw in the logs.

Please let me know if this helps or if you’ve any other questions.

Best wishes-


PS: It might be worth a moment to take a look at Gigabyte’s download page for your mainboard and see if ther are any other components that you might want: the Azalia audio driver, for example, enables some great Dolby sound processing options like making my stereo source music play on all 5.1 channels of the surround sound system I have hooked up to it, time correction for the speakers at varying distance, etc.…