Communication took a horrible turn for the worst!!!!

I have had issues with my purchase since I opened the box. I was sent a replacement that still did not work. I have been asking for information to return and request a refund and it seems the communication with Gary Zeller has stopped. Can someone please help me return my purchase that is not working and help me get my money back?

Hi Marcus,

Thanks for posting here! I looked up your ticket details and it looks like Gary has been responding within minutes of receiving any communication from you.

He did analyze the logs that you sent which showed that the driver installation was not completing because of a system level error and recommended a return for a refund as we are unable to offer fixes for system level issues.

He has also sent you instructions to send back the unit on Sept-01-2014, Sept-04-2014 and even yesterday (Sept-08-2014).

If you have not received any of these emails, I’d recommend checking your spam filters to see if they are caught up there and hence not reaching you.

Back to the issue of returning the unit for a refund. Amazon handles all our orders including payments, shipping and refunds. So you would need to trigger a return on amazon via… and follow the instruction to send back the unit.

Once amazon receives your unit, they will process your refund. I’m recommend triggering the return immediately as amazon only allows you to do that automatically via… within 30 days from purchase.

Customer satisfaction is top priority for us. We never ever want customers stuck with products that do not work in their setup or are not right for their requirement. Please do let us know if you have any trouble with the return process. We will do all we can to help!