Closing laptop cuts out ALL display

I have an Acer Aspire 14" laptop. Currently using the Plugable docking station. Every time I close the laptop, everything goes black. How can I set it up so that I can view the two monitors (already connected and working) while my laptop is closed (not off, just closed)? Thank you!

Hi Lilu,

Thanks for posting, and I would be happy to help.

Given your description of the behavior, the first setting to check is that the options for what happens when closing the lid are set correctly. Please right-click on the Start button and select ‘Power Options’ from the menu. From the left side choices, please click on ‘Choose what closing the lid does’. You should see a screen similar to my attached screenshot. We want to make sure the setting for ‘When I close the lid’ under the ‘Plugged In’ column is set to ‘Do Nothing’. If it is not, please make that change, click the ‘Save Changes’ button and restart the system and test again. Also please ensure that the laptop power adapter is in fact connected.

Let us know if that helps!

Thank you,

Plugable Technologies