cinnecting external monitor or a TV to a laptop

I am planning to buy a total of two USB external video adapters.

VGA is acceptable for displaying the stock charts on the monitors.

For watching movies on the TV, I would like to use DVI.

Can I operate one monitor with Plugable USB-VGA-165 for VGA output on the first monitor and
the second monitor with Plugable USB-UGA-165 for DVI output on the second monitor?

Can I install drivers for both Plugable USB-VGA-165 and Plugable USB-UGA-165 on the same ASIS K53E laptop and expect them to work smoothly?

When I want to connect the laptop to TV,
can I disconnect both monitors, move the laptop near the TV and
use the Plugable USB-UGA-165 adapter to connect the laptop to the TV?

Hi Ishwar,

All our USB Graphic Adapters use the same drivers, so you can always mix and match them on the same system if you do wish to do so. There would never be any conflicts.