Chromebox with 3 monitors running extended desktop

I am looking for a solution that will allow a Chromebox to support 3 monitors with extended displays.

This March 13 article… covering ChomeOS/Chromebooks and multiple monitor support indicates that the technology was just about there as of March 2015.

Wondering if anyone has any recent experience for a Chromebox + Plugable device that would support 3 monitors with extended display?

Hello David,

Full support for three monitors is not ready for Alpha yet (not much has changed). Currently, in the dev channel, you can run only one additional monitor. Unfortunately there is no timetable from Google’s side on when they will flip the switch and support these features.

Kind regards,
Plugable Technologies

thanks Patric

I have been very impressed with the ongoing improvements on my Chromebooks, so hopefully the ChromeOS team see that this is something worth implementing soon.

cheers …david