Charging a Nexus7 from the USB 2.0.4 Hub

I have a charging issue I must solve. I am using a Nexus7 with a PrimeSense USB device. The PrimeSense USB device normally draws power from the Nexus7 USB port. I want to plug both devices into a 4 port powered hub and provide external power to Charge the Nexus7 + PrimeSense USB device while using it. When I plug the Nexus7 into the host port it will not charge. When I plug the Nexus7 into one of the downlink ports it DOES charge. However when I have the Nexus7 connected to the downlink ports it cannot communicate with the PrimeSense USB device.

I need something that charges the Nexus7 while letting it communicate through the downlink ports. The USB 2.0.4Port Hub does not provide this function. Any ideas of how to use the USB port while charging?

Hi Ted,

Thanks for getting in contact with us. I’d be happy to answer your question regarding our USB 2.0 4 Port Hub.

Unfortunately, host charging is not a functionality of the USB hub. In order to create that kind of setup, you would need a specialized OTG cable that supports both data and power. We are not aware that any such cable exists on the current market.

Please let me know if you have any other questions.


Plugable Technologies