can't use DVI out (2nd video card) and USB 2.0 UGA at the same time on MacBook Pro with OSX 10.6

I can see a good picture with just one extra display connected, either through the DVI port on the MacBook Pro or via your USB 2.0 UGA adapter. Both external displays are brand new and work fine.

When I connect them both at the same time, the screen running over USB goes dark. The “arrangement” tab in display preferences in OSX shows the laptop screen plus two more blue rectangles representing each external monitor (see attached image). But one of the two “external display” icons behaves like the main laptop screen–when I click and drag it around, I see a red outline around the laptop’s actual LCD display. The other one appropriately represents the external display connected via DVI directly to the MacBook’s DVI port.

When I unplug the 2nd monitor’s USB cable from the MacBook I see the lit displays flash blue, then only one external monitor icon shows up in the “arrangement” tool box as expected. No combination of plugging and unplugging seems to resolve the conflict.

I’m running DisplayLink USB Graphics Macintosh Driver V1.8 now and will try uninstalling and loading V1.7 instead in case that helps. Anyone else have any ideas? !](](

Hi, and thanks for posting with your issue- we’ll be happy to help!

Here’s a first resource you can check:…

If you’re able to update to at least 10.6.5, Apple made some updates there that affected several issues on earlier 10.6 releases. Another known issue on 10.6 was that portrait mode didn’t work.

Before I dive into troubleshooting, can you verify which exact version 10.6.X you’re on? There were differences in behavior with some of these updates, so this info should help us get to the right answer sooner.

Again, thanks for posting!

Best wishes-

Jeff Everett