Cant hear audio from my mic with the audio adapter

hi i purchased my adapter a long time ago i plug in my mic and i hop on audacity and other applications to and i select USB audio but i cant hear anything iv tried almost everything and i know my mic works because i plug it in my capture card and it works just fine but when ever i plug it in to the adapter it doesn’t the only thing i can hear is when i plug in and unplug the mic and get a little static sound is there anything i can do to resolve this issue

Hello Videl,

Thanks for reaching out to us! Sorry for any trouble here, and I’d be glad to help. Exactly how long have you had the adapter? I take it that the adapter used to work? I’d like to try and get some further details about the situation to provide you with the best support:

  • What operating system and version are you running?
  • Have you recently updated your computer? The audio levels may have reset
  • Are you able to try the adapter and mic on another computer to see if you get the same/similar result? This would be helpful, but, I understand if this isn’t possible.
  • Let’s try the setup with another piece of software if we can to see if the same thing happens.

Feel free to reach out to us directly at: ATTN: Kevin so your case goes directly to me.

Thank you,

Plugable Support

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