Cant connect

Have connected the cable to both computers, (new is windows 7 and old is Windows XP i believe) have tried connecting through windows easy transfer, but it wont connect.

Hi Thomas-

Thanks for posting with your issue.

I’ve written about common issues with Windows Easy Transfer and how to troubleshoot them at the link below. My best advice is to double-check whether the cable is showing properly with no errors under device manager on both your new and old PC as a first troubleshooting step- the process to do this is outlined at the beginning of this post:…

Once we know if the cable is recognized without errors, I can recommend further steps. It is often easier to work around connection issues with Windows Easy Transfer by using Bravura Easy Computer Sync- this is one reason we provide a license for Bravura along with our cable. I’ve also written about some common misconceptions about the transfer process, and how to make sure you don’t leave anything behind in the transfer at the link below, so I might recommend taking a look over this as well if you haven’t used Windows Easy Transfer before.
While written as a Windows 8 guide, the advice about application data (stuff like emails in Outlook Express, playlists in iTunes, financial records in applications like TurboTax, Quicken, or QuickBooks, or saved games) applies equally to Windows 7.

Please let me know whether there are any driver issues listed in device manager for the cable, or if you’ve any other questions. Once we know if the cable is recognized properly, you can probably just use Bravura instead of having to troubleshoot Windows Easy Transfer.

Best wishes-

Jeff Everett
MCITP Enterprise Support Technician
Plugable Technologies

never downloaded the bravura programme (which I had a code for through amazon), worked straight away when I downloaded it