Cannot use any Web browser on Display Link Monitor

The problem started just a week ago maybe. I cannot use Chrome, I.E. 9, or Firefox on the Display Link Monitor. Everything runs slow as dirt when on that monitor, however, dragging the window to another monitor (non display link) immediately makes it useable. Also, there are no issues with using other windows programs on the Display Link monitor.

Hi Jason,

Thanks for posting here! I’m sorry to know about the issue you are having. If your system is on Windows 7 and you are using our USB 2.0 graphics products, here is a link that has more details regarding the same:…

If the steps given on the link do not help or your system is not on Windows 7, please run the DisplayLink Support Tool (instructions here:…) and send us the .zip generated by it on the desktop as an attachment at with your Amazon Order ID and a link to this thread.

We analyze it before we figure out the next steps.


Thanks, I followed the instructions to do a system restore but there were no restore points prior to the 27th. I manually uninstalled the updates that happened on the 27th and everything seems to work correctly now.



Thanks for letting us know that everything is working properly now. :slight_smile: If you ever need any help or information regarding any of our products, please do feel free to shoot us an email at We are here to help!