Cannot type on my monitor connected with the USB 2.0 adapter

I cannot type on one of the monitors with the plugable unit, on my desktop. I tried unplugging the adapter and turning off the computer with no luck. I have 5 computers in the office and have issues with 2 of the USB Adapters
I have to move the program to my main monitor attached directly to the cpu, to type.

Hi Mike,

Thanks for posting your question here! Let’s see if we can narrow down the issue a bit:

  1. What’s the model# of the USB adapter that you’re using?
  2. Is the monitor connected via USB a touchscreen monitor by any chance?
  3. Which application did you have open when you were unable to type? Try opening Notepad on the 2nd monitor, is the behavior with typing the same as well?

You can reply back to us directly at Just let us know and we’ll troubleshoot further!