Cannot get UGA-2k - A to work

Hi - I’ve just bought a UGA-2K-A and am having problems getting it to work. I have win 7 professional and also have a Radeon ATI HD5450 running two monitors and I want to add a third. When I tried setting up the UGA I could not get the screen attached to it to work and the other monitors reverted to the standard VGA setting - after much deleting and reinstalling drivers etc the only thing that got me out of standard VGA mode was deleting the approriate lower filter value in the registry.
Any thoughts as I am a bit stumped?

Hi bharris0245,

Thanks for your post, I’ll be happy to help. A couple of questions A:

  1. What is the make and model of the computer you have?

  2. Were your external monitors set to “mirror” or “extend”?

  3. Did the displayLink software install and run? You would have a blue square Icon in the system tray if so.

  4. Did the device show up in device manager under USB display adapters?

Thanks for the additional detail, I’ll be able to figure out more specific recommendations once I know a bit more.

Thanks again,

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