Cannot get docking staion to connect.

I have just received my new Display Link Plugable USB Docking station and cannot get it to be recognized on my computer. It shows up in my Devices and says it’s working properly but cannot get it to connect with my monitor or ethernet. Please help, very frustrated. I have downloaded all the current software and drivers.

Hi Dan!

Thanks for posting, sorry to hear the Plugable USB Docking Station is giving you trouble!!

I have actually 2 Docking Stations on my system, so before we go any further, I’d like to double check we’re seeing the same items under Device Manager - this will help us make sure your drivers are in place and it’s not a bad unit!

This is what I see on my Windows 7 Professional System in Device Manager under Network Adapters:


This is what I get under ‘USB Display Adapters’:


After that check about the monitor issue:
* What is your primary graphics card and model? (e.g. Intel? NVidia ? ATI? )
* What kind of laptop/desktop do you have?
* What is the monitor model?
* Are you trying to connect the monitor via DVI or VGA? Do you see anything at all on the monitor?

Issues with Ethernet ports on the Docking Stations are pretty rare- chances are that if after checking your driver the device doesn’t work at all you have a bad unit. Before we jump into conclusions:

* Double check whether your Ethernet cable is loose etc.
* Do other devices work with the same cable?
* Do you see an ASIX network adapter under your ‘Network Connections’?
To go there (Win 7): Start->Control Panel->View Network Status and Tasks->Change Adapter Settings

  • You should be seeing something like this (Win 7) :


As soon as we have this information we can suggest next troubleshooting steps!