Can two bluetooth plugs connect?

I’m using two non-bluetooth enabled devices. One is a custom Windows 10 PC desktop whilst the other is a Raspberry Pi 2. I purchased two of the Bluetooth 4.0-compatible plugables recently, but have also discovered that they can’t seem to locate and/or communicate with the other when both are in working USB ports. Is there any way to get them to communicate information with each other?

Thank you for posting about your Bluetooth adapters.

If you are using the latest version of Raspbian on the Pi, I’m sorry to say that it only has support for the A2DP profile for stereo audio, and the HID profile for mouse and keyboard connection. It doesn’t support any of the profiles that you would typically use between a computer and the Pi.

Could you please tell me what you are hoping to do between the two devices? Being Linux, you could probably install the necessary profiles, although it would be messy and possibly a lot of work.

Another potential way to solve this is to install Ubuntu Mate for Raspberry Pi. It is a full-featured Linux distro that installs on the Pi, and has a much wider range of Bluetooth profiles than Raspbian.

I hope this answers your questions.

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