Can the plugable 10 port be powered down on a Mac on closing?

The plugable 10 unit will not shut down on a Mac…is there a solution?

Thanks for asking!

Even when no computer is connected (or the computer is asleep), as long as the hub’s own power adapter is connected, the hub’s LED stays on and the trickle power specified by USB 2.0 for unconfigured ports (less than 100mA) is supplied to devices that are drawing power.

This can be useful for LEDs, fans, and for trickle charging some devices (although not high power devices like phones, ipods, etc. - those need a PC that is on, so they can be configured up to USB 2.0’s full 500mA)

If you have only a few devices attached, and/or they’re all self-powered or low power, the hub will also work in bus powered mode (no AC adapter attached). That will mean that when the PC stops delivering power to the hub, the hub has no power source, which is more of the behavior you’re looking for.

But we recommend running with the AC adapter attached, because you’ll most likely need that extra power with so many devices able to be attached …

Hope that helps! Thanks again for asking,

Is there a switch available that can manually turn the Plugable off when closing down rather than keep pulling the power supply cord out of the unit? I assume this would be the only way since other than running a few devices. I need the ports.

No power switch. Pulling the power cord won’t harm the hub.

Nice unit…why not put a power switch on the machine? Pain reaching behind
monitor to pull the plug. Thanks for the reply.

And thanks for taking the time to give us feedback - we’re constantly looking to improve/add products, and do use and appreciate it!