Brand New WD Drive not recognized by My Computer

New, just out of the box, WD30EFRX Drive Not Showing Up in My Computer. USB3-SATA UASP1 is recognized by Laptop in Devices and Printers when powered up with this NEW drive plugged in but the drive does not show up in My Computer.

A different, previously used WD Drive WD1002FAEX removed from an old computer and inserted into this Plugable Device does show up in My Computer and works as expected.

Must a NEW drive be formatted prior to use in this Plugable Lay Flat device? Can a new, unrecognized drive be formatted somehow in this Plugable Device?

Windows 7-64b.


A new blank hard drive must be initialized, partitioned, formatted, and then assigned a drive letter through the Windows Disk Management Console before it will be recognized in Windows Explorer (My Computer).

Can you provide some info or links that describe how to get this drive set up? I haven’t yet found that sort of thing on the Western Digital site for this drive.

Is it likely that I could use an eSATA port on my Laptop connected to the Pluggable USB3 port with an eSATA to USB3 adaptor/cable to initialize, partition, format a NEW drive?

OK. I found a way to initialize a NEW HD using a feature built into Windows 7/Start/ (Right-Click)Computer/Manage/Disk Management. No cables or adaptors required; used the Plugable USB3 cable provided.