bottom half of plugable screen blanks out!

my plugable display bottom half blanks out sometimes. I’m running windows XP and have 3 monitors. 2 are connected to a dual monitor card and 1 is connected to a plugable USB-VGA adapter.

Hi afshinmoshrefi,

That’s an unusual issue you’re reporting. In order to troubleshoot what could be the trouble, can you run the DisplayLink Support Tool and forward the .zip file that it places on your desktop to

Here’s how:…


Plugable Technologies

This problem is intermittent. should I use the gather tool when I see the problem or will it help if I run it now which I currently don’t have the issue?

That’s good information, if you run it now while it’s working normally and then again when it’s having the bottom half of the screen blanked out we’ll be able to look for any differences that may be causing the issue.

To isolate the issue a bit further, can you try swapping one of your other monitors including the cable with the one on the USB-VGA adapter? That way if it occurs again, we’ll know for sure that it’s not the monitor or cable.

Thanks again!

Plugable Technologies