Bose Soundlink and Plugable USB blue4 seems to time out in Win 8 Pro

The Logitech K810 stays connected but the audio seems to go to sleep. I have delved into the settings, but to date, a restart is required to get the Soundlink to beep and be heard. When I go into sound and see the default set to Soundlink and that its enabled and connected, still the Bose BT lite blinks, like its not discovered.
I have been to the Bose site too and reset it and rejoined a couple of times. I do have to turn off my KIN2 phone BT to the Bose so the way is clear for the USB BT 4…

Thanks for any help!

Mark and I went through some tests, and he got it working. This is what he discovered:


Bose support indicated that the unit turns itself off after 30 min.of no input or buttons being depresed. If it is “asleep” clicking reconnect in the sound dialogue box and/or setting the Bose Soundlink as default usually works. And, with Soundlink in discovery mode, the plugable usb can be pulled and re-inserting
as a last resort.