I just got a USB3-SATA-UASP1 and plugged it into my PC running Win7. I connected a drive to the docking station which has WinXP on it. I have no problems viewing files from the connected drive, but I can’t seem to boot into XP from it. Is this not supported with the docking station (storage/file transfer only?) or do I have some other issue?

Hi Jonathan-

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Sorry, but no, booting a drive that was removed from a PC from a USB docking station is definitely not a supported scenario.

The only way Microsoft and Windows supports booting Windows from a USB device is a brand new feature of Windows 8 Enterprise edition only, unfortunately there are no options to do this with XP.

Even changing from one brand of IDE or SATA controller to another will require some special tweaks to the registry BEFORE you remove the drive from the old PC to make this workable.

Sorry I can’t offer a more helpful answer here, hope this helps clarify.

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Jeff Everett
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